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      Krav Maga in Marlboro

      Come and learn the simplest and most effective Hand to Hand Combat System in the world

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      Vanguard Krav Maga at Master Parks Black Belt America

      Master Park’s Black Belt America gives students the skills and training they need to build a stronger body and learn real world Combat and Sport Fighting systems. Its Krav Maga program educates students of all skill levels how to use diverse protection techniques in a reality based situation and a heavy focus on fitness while the Adult Tae Kwon Do Program teaches the sport of Striking in a Traditional and Modern Olympic approach.

      All classes incorporate Hap Ki Do and Judo techniques with a heavy focus on conditioning. All programs offer a non contact and contact approach to training depending on what each individual student is looking for. Master Parks has been teaching self defense and keeping adults Fit and Healthy since 1989.

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