Master Park's Black Belt America

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      Grandmaster Haeng Soon Park

      Founder of Master Park’s Black Belt America

      Grandmaster Park is a living example of martial arts excellence.
      His life, already full of many accomplishments, demonstrates a never ending pursuit of perfection.

      Grandmaster Park

      Grandmaster Park’s current achievements include:

      • 8th degree black belt with over 45 years of experience and knowledge in the martial arts industry.
      • Head coach of the 94′ U.S. National tae kwon do team
      • Head coach of the 94′ U.S. National collegiate team
      • Currently, President of the Korean-American Sports Association of New Jersey
      • Currently, Vice-President of the Greater New York Tae Kwon Do Association
      • Co-founder of the Korean New Jersey Sports Association
      • Instructor in the Korean Police Academy
      • Instructor in the Korean Military Academy
      • Coached Olympic Athletes
      • Korean National Champion
      • President of East Coast World Champion Association
      • International Referee
      • Accredited in Acupuncture and Acupressure

      Grandmaster Park is a Member of:

      • World Tae Kwon Do federation
      • New Jersey State Tae Kwon Do Association